Industry Focus

We are working with leading enterprises in financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, and industrial distribution to develop permissioned blockchain applications (Dapps) for the Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchains. By working directly with Fortune 500 companies as well as SMBs, we are ensuring that the products we produce undeniably correlate to actual business needs.

Persona Focus

People establish blockchain solutions, not enterprises. And when it comes to the productization of blockchain, one size definitely does not fit all. That is why each Exchange product is designed to benefit a specific enterprise CXO persona or function, and to address a distinct and discrete business need – one where the impact of blockchain may be quantified in financial terms as validated by the targeted CXO persona.

Product Families

Using this approach, enterprises can adopt and achieve the benefits of private blockchain at a pace and at a scale that fits their unique business situation, priorities, culture or financial condition. From imagining and designing innovative blockchain products, to implementation, measurement, governance and continuous improvement – every functional business persona can benefit from the blockchain architecture. The persona-centric products that we are incubating fall into one of four basic categories:

Enterprise Innovation – Form new alliances, reinforce brand loyalty, Dapps for business users that inspire and empower

Enterprise Friction – Cost reductions, productivity improvements, prioritized by magnitude of friction. Built for industry from industry.

New Entrant Enablement – Peer-to-peer solutions, built from blockchain

Interoperability – Platform APIs, middleware and tools, creating blockchain information liquidity, spurring blockchain network liquidity